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Bob Hudson IMAC 1865

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Bob Hudson, IMAC 1865

Member of IMAC North Central Region

Member of IMAC Chapter 401 (Ontario)

Carden CAP 232 35%  Big Red II

Big Red II

This 35% Carden Cap232 was flown in 2000 only. It has not been flown since 2000
It has only about 125 flights on it (1 season)
I flew it with a 3W-100 and the results are self explanatory below.
It IS a trophy winner !!I  It did not place 1st simply because of my flying skills !!

This is the "original style" Carden Cap232, not the "newer, current version" construction.

I have sold the 3W-100 and have my 3W-80 from Big Red installed in it.
I have flown it with the 3W-80 (twin) and it performs well.
It would be competitive up to Advanced class.

It has 2 JR 4721 servos in each wing
One JR 4721 servo on each elevator. The stabs are not removable
One Multiplex Jumbo on rudder
Throttle servo included
Painted "Revolution" spinner  and Menz 26-10 included
No batteries included
Heavy Duty JR switch for RX
Heavy Duty JR switch for ignition included
Electro Dynamics optical ignition kill switch included
Receiver NOT included

Does NOT have 3D throws on the flying surfaces. It has normal "sequence" throws

With the 3W-80,  (or your DA-100, DA-85, 3W-100, DLE-111 it  weighs just at the 27 pound mark.

This airplane is READY to fly, just add your receiver and batteries. "Fuel Flip and Fly"

email if interested make an offer bob@rcflier.com

In 2000 I flew in 9 of the 16 contests in the Advanced Class held in the North Central Region.

  • JR Challenge, Champaign Illinois, May 27th-28th, 6th Place
  • Oakville, Ontario June 10th-11th, 3rd Place
  • Chatham, Ontario July 1st-2nd, 3rd Place
  • London, Ontario July 8th-9th, 3rd Place
  • Brazil, Indiana, July 29th-30th, 4th Place
  • Pontiac Michigan Aug 29th-30th, 2nd Place
  • Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept 9th-10th, 2nd Place
  • Club 400, Toronto Ontario Sept 16th-17th, 3rd Place
  • Toledo Ohio Sept 30th-Oct 1st (North Central IMAC Regional Finals) 5th Place
  • 3rd Place Advanced Overall Finish in the 2000 IMAC North Central Region

Bob's "Award Wall". Sort of makes it all worth while !!


Construction pics above -- making  Big Red 2 pretty !

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1st flight April 23, 2000 Club 400

Club 400 Toronto

Club 400 Toronto

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  Chatham IMAC 2000 Chatham Scale Rally 2000
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    Dayton D.O.G.S. 2000
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JR Challenge 2000 in Rantoul Illinois
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